Saturday, April 07, 2007

Melbourne Comedy Festival Blog Entry De Jour

Shows seen so far:

Pastor Michael

Daniel Kitson – It’s the Fireworks Talking

Puppet Up

Best word-at-a-time game I've seen in a while...

Scrabble Unscripted

Ardal O’Hanlon

Bibs and bobs at the Hi Fi (not an act – more of a saying)

So far – I’m very happy, yes - by god, very happy, a quality fest with plenty of smiling faces on Friday night heading into the Melb Town Hall for good times and cacking of dacks. Except, of course, for the miserable bastards standing around outside, shivering, handing out flyers. The autumnal cold whispering around their ankles as they curse the day they said yes to a mate of a mate when they suggested “it’s a great way to see a lot of free shows…” Bless ‘em and take pity General Public - why not graciously receive the flappy flyer promising all manner of “Hilarity”, “Comedy Gold” and “Voted - Worst Made-Up Media Quote 07!” because every time you do - a little laughter fairy comes back to life.

And besides – I’m probably one of them.

We kicked off Late Nite ('Night' for the pedants) Impro last night to a full house and loads of beautiful, hearty laughter. We all had fun trying out our new loose format called “The Loose Format That’s Not quite a Harold or Short form but containing elements of both”. Catchy eh? It’s on 11pm every Friday and Saturday night at the Cloak Room at the Town Hall and I’m performing next on Friday 20th.

UPDATE: Our first review and we have been praised with faint damn from Nathanael Scott over at the Funny Tonne

"A rather standard but particularly funny imrpov routine. Definitely worth checking out after you've seen all your shows for the night." 7/10 stars

Thank you Nathanael - an astute observation and a minimalist word count that belies your web background - sexy. I love that rating. Cheers.

Also coming up:

I'm performing with the Scrabble Unscripted folk on Tuesday 10th (such a good day for Comedy don’t you think?). Their shows have already been selling out (tickets – not creatively) so book early.

And Miss Rochelle’s School for Naughty Girls on Wed 11th - I saw them in the corridor of the Trades Hall on their opening night and, quite appropriately, they looked like a bunch of nervous, giggly schoolgirls. Should be fun.

Happy Festing (sounds horrible but meant well)


~ Nicolas ~ said...

I like your blog... um ?!? that's all but enough ;-)

Lliam said...

And now in terrible French...

Merci Nicolas que très aimable à vous dire. Ayez une bonne journée.


Possum Pants said...

Lliam, Lliam, Lliam. I know you are busy festing, but how are you coming along with the dog's head?Must I bribe-nudge with a Bettie Page outfit and ukulele routine?

birdienumnums said...

Went along to the impro night on friday (and sat) to see Russell Fletcher , (the company i am freelancing with in Sydney use Russ quite a bit for coporate bollocks) ... and have to say lurve your work, particularly impressed with the midriff baring eiffel tower impersonation.

Are you planning any gigs on the 27th/ 28th April? coming to melbourne to do a job at the end of April and was going to get a few of the work crew along to see you.

Lliam said...

Hi Birdienumsnums
Thanks for the kind words and it would be great to see come back again . Looks like I might be playing Late Nite Impro on the 27th and I'm in Celebrity Theatresports on the 28th (which has sold out I believe). I'll be hanging around the Peter Cook bar afterwards regardless so come and say hello :)