Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling blue?

Perhaps a little depressed? Under the weather? Whiny and Moany?


Monday, July 14, 2008

Op Shop Booty

Look what I found today.... sweet second hand treasure...

This Album cover was great - but that's all it was... the cover. A quick google search and I found you can still get the complete Manhattan Tower recording. It makes for fascinating listening
Some details (cleaned up by me) from the cover
Clash of the Titans was a major event in my young life. I would run around for hours with an old sheet wrapped around me and brandishing a wooden sword, cutting and slashing my way through a host of Harryhausen monsters...and who didn't want a set of cool figures like the Gods of Olympus had?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Singing and Improv

People often say to me "Hey Lliam - how about singing this next scene?"

This is the equivalent of saying "Hey Lliam - How about repeatedly hitting yourself in the head with a blunt object?"

I love it when musical improv works - just not with me in it... as evidenced by this little gem that turned up on YouTube...

This was surreptitiously filmed last year and posted this year (without my permission - naughty Impro Mafia) in anticipation of the up coming festival - while I think it serves no other purpose other than to undermine the history of promotion - It was nice to dredge up memories of that time.

Impro Melbourne has been invited to the Off The Cuff improv festival later this month. We'll be performing one of our Late Nite Impro formats "You've Got The Part" and Derek Flores, Patti Stiles, Rama Nicholas and I will be resurrecting "Mr Fish" one more time... very exciting indeed.

If you're in Brisbane town drop in (just, not if I'm singing...)