Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cut Out Art

Artist Thomas Allen cuts out old paperback novels and creates incredible scenes that are reminiscent of the great films of the Noir genre.

More here

Or at the Foley Gallery

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Official 2008 Year in Review Highlights (in handy list form)


Holiday at Sandy Point with Kids, fierce winds, seas and giggles.

Fly to Hamilton Island with chums for some seriously rained out gigs


My beautiful girl turned 7

I chased a streaker (Jamie Robertson) across the hallowed grounds at the MCG

Flew to Adelaide for a corporate gig and ended up going to the festival and meeting all manner of friends for an enjoyable evening in the Garden.

Seeing Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Hi Fi with AB and shaking our respective things.


My Dad turned 60 and we were treated to an incredible dinner at Tolarnos in St Kilda. Happy Birthday Dad!

Began teaching my own special unit of improvisation at Deakin. Some brilliant talent and fun times.

Worked with Deborah Frances White from the Spontaneity Shop

Shot a corporate video which was a send up of Underbelly. Ripe for the plucking.

National Theatresports Competition! Lost by one point! What a night!

Happy Birthday Zoe! – spent the night at Aurora Kurth’s amazing one woman comedy show.

Directed and performed in Late Night Impro for Comedy Festival. Good houses but uneven nights of comedy (meh – it’s improvised – what are you going to do?)

Danced – quite a bit.

Dad had a book launch as well as his retrospective opening at Heide – couldn’t be prouder.


Performed at Celebrity Theatresports (where Rik broke his wrist – and still won the night)

Box Hill Tech School reunion – scared and delighted me in equal amounts.

Returned to the Ripponlea Studios to film Comedy Slapdown – so many good people on one show.


Turned another year older (getting coy now about reveling my age) and also celebrated Rik Brown’s birthday with chums.


Spent the Queen’s Birthday by the Opera House and in good company

Launched Pia Zadora (the improv format) on the world at the Impro Cave

Flew to Darwin for a corporate gig and seriously underestimated the heat. Bought some shorts.


Hooted and Hollered from the cheap seats at the Aria Hall of Fame.

Guest role on the Hollowmen for Working Dog – brilliant show and an amazing group to watch in action.

Happy Birthday Mum! Big party that I couldn’t get to because I was:

In Brisbane for the Improvisation Festival. Loads of friends, shenanigans and improv.

AB and SY breezed into town and we went to see Wicked.

More Corporate work (before the meltdown…lovely stuff)

Resurrected “El Cheapo the magician” for Asha’s birthday party – was heckled, lovingly.


Filmed an opening piece for “Last Bucket of Water” for the Hounds. Giggles all round.


Loads of auditions, meetings, corporate gigs.

Flew to Adelaide for a Repco conference – maaaaate. Jason and I daubed some red on the town till the wee hours of the morning.

Happy Birthday Little Brother. He survives this party intact!

Scout family camp nearly kills us both.


Fringe festival opens and good times roll

Vapour Boys flickers onto the screen – well done Josh (and Family)

Film a scene for “Tangle” a new drama from the makers of Love My Way.

Film a scene for “Whatever Happened to that Guy?” from the makers of Peter Moon’s life.

Watch my son in a four hour school play (he tops maybe 20mins all up) – twice.

Halloween Classic kicks off with loads of friends coming to town.

Dad and I go see Jerry Lewis – and laugh and groan in all the right places.

Writing workshop/camp/weekend away turns into gag-free-for-all but forget to record for posterity.


My Boy turns 11 and has a ‘hang-out’ party with his mates (what? No pin-the-tail guys? Guys?)

Dan and Toby have a party and we all laugh at Dan’s shorn scrotum on a prominent morning television program.

Movember Party – I’m joined by the lovely instigator AB and we marvel at the hirsute wonders.


Christmas parties galore

The “It’s a Dad’s Thing” group finally folds and we bid it a fond farewell. I smell a musical.

Russell’s Santaland Diaries is great followed by the remainder of the Skirty Christmas party.
Oh feeling very worn out by 2008 now…

Just enough time to squeeze in a pilot for a new show with Geoff, Julia, Josh, Ross, Colin, Toby and Gen. Brilliant.

Ok time to eat.


Thanks to everyone who made my year brilliant.

All my friends are different and I love them all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fine peice of prosey

" nuts. I'm just a guy trying to get along in a crazy mixed up world. If all I'm good at is making a lady feel all warm and squishy then so be it. Come here doll and let me put my big, brutish arms around you and then I'll squeeze you like a ripe melon - my hairy chest pushing against your sweet, ruddy cheeks, you'll be gasping for air as I hugs tighter. Then you'll be so close you'll be able to feel me through the gabardine pants I'm wearing and then you'll know what time it is. Oh yes. It's time to get ready for some hot lovin'. and I'm not taking any of that coy, innocent baloney either toots. When I give it to you, you'll take it and like it...."

A passage from the new novel I'm working on - "Hello My Lovely - Diary of a Sensitive Brute"

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2000 & Mine

So, here it is. It is here. The New Year takes it's baby steps while I waddle around like an overstuffed chicken on the set of Henry VIII. The season's eatings have been good to me but now it's time to pay.

I had a great time in Sydney over the NY break catching up with the delightful Buckley and friends. When the sun was too hot, the hangover too pounding or the suburb too grungy - we simply kicked back and watched TV (something we do extremely well together). Starting with the entire season of Hippies, starring Simon Pegg and other notables. It was laugh out loud in places but was more interesting to put it into context of the other shows the dynamic duo of Arthur and Graham (Big Train , Father Ted, The I.T. Crowd amongst others) have put out in their time. As Amanda quite rightly noted "It's just like the Young Ones but set in the '60s". This was followed by episodes of Brass Eye, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Snuffbox extras, Arrested Development and the Beatles Anthology (gee that woman has good taste).

The Beatles history was fascinating as I have read quite a bit about them before but it was great to see all the footage and ephemera run past. I thought the Festival Hall clips were the cleanest looking footage of their live shows (good onya Melbourne). There was quite a bit left out as well and it got me thinking about the things that fell through the cracks - so here for your enjoyment (and with a bit of help from Ms Buckley) is Part One of the FABricated FOUR:In late 1964 The Beatles and producer George Martin head into the studio to create their 4th album "Beatles for Sale", while George ducks out for coffee and sandwiches the boys decide to make it a concept album in which they all become male prostitutes. In a burst of creative energy they write and record the non-hits "Please, Please, Do Me", "Shake, Rub & Roll", "Eight Times a Night", "I'm Looser" and "I Don't Want to Spoil the Sheets"

Sadly Parlophone baulked at such a risqué departure and reined in George Martin who threatened to take away their cushions unless they toned it down. As a small victory - they managed to keep the original name.

Sadly no one told Ringo it was merely a concept and they found him wandering the streets two days later and three hundred pounds richer.


Have a great year folks!