Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Design! Bright! Shiny!

A3 Poster for Spontaneous Insanity's Fundraiser.

Series of A3 posters and images for Rob Lloyd's Fringe show "Who, Me."

Fellow Impro Melbourne performer Vic Healy is back with another show.

A3 posters for various upcoming shows at the versatile Impro Australia.

E-Book cover design for Jonathan Gould's new tome - more info when it comes to hand.

The Actor and the Advertising Industry...

So... I went in for a TV ad casting the other day, short notice shoot, learnt the script, read to camera etc, got a call back, nice. Went back in, met the director and did the same piece to camera, ok - not as good. "We'll let you know - shooting is this Friday". That Friday I was scheduled to fly to Sydney for the Graphic Festival... but as so often happens in my life - the fee outweighed the pain of changing flights etc. So I wait for confirmation. Wednesday rolls around and I figure I haven't got it. A call to the agent fails to throw light on the subject - apparently it's down to me and another actor (great!) but now they want to see more people from the agency (what?)...

Turns out they'd stiffed the casting agent by secretly going to another while he was casting around. Disgusted, he washed his hands of them... fair enough - but what about me? I still hadn't been told a definitive "no" yet and it was now Thursday and I needed answers. After some calling around I was finally told "your services won't be needed for this one". I had already figured as much. Apparently the Director and the Producer liked me for the role but the client wanted the person they "saw in their imagination".

Let's just say the next time you see a "doughy" chef onscreen complaining about his finances it won't be me and I'm 100% certain that this client doesn't "Live in my world". Just. Plain. Rude.