Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh Joy Unconfined!

Hmmmm my acting has been a little lacklustre recently but what, oh what am I to do??

What's that? You've got just the refresher course for me?

But whose taking it?


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Time to honour "Star Crash"

With the Barbarella re-make just around the corner can we expect more B grade space epics like these? (oh please say the answer is yes....)

Monday, October 22, 2007

...and in more Design/Performance/Mammary news...

Here's a shout out to any friends in Sydney who may be at a loss as to how to fill the gaping void that is Tuesday Night....

I whipped this flyer up for my mate Jon. Go and see the show - they're brilliant performers and it's loads of fun for a good cause.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Design! More Shows! More Fun!

Here's a couple of designs I did for the upcoming season of Spontaneous Broadway at the fabulous Spiegeltent - I'll be there on Saturday, furiously writing down my ideas for new songs and laughing heartily at the brilliance of these freakishly talented improvisers. See you there.

Alternative DL flyer (not used)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween Classic 2007

Lliam gets into the Halloween mood...growl.

A proper update soon folks - but for now - a gratuitous plug for a very special weekend we have coming up - The Theatresports Halloween Classic 2007. I'll be performing on the Sunday night but I'm also very proud to say that I'm part of the cast for Mr. Fish and His Spooky Library of Improv Macabre - a project directed by Derek Flores from the Three Canadians. Here's the lowdown brown:

"World-renowned improviser Derek Flores (The Three Canadians) is returning to Melbourne especially for the 2007 Halloween Classic! With him comes his new show, Mr. Fish and His Spooky Library of Improv Macabre.

Mr. Fish has spent his life traveling the world in search of the spookiest and most horrifying stories the human mind can muster, and tonight, deep with in his ancient library, moments from his mortal passing, he passes them long them to you. Be it a twisted urban myth, a tale of ghosts from the old country, or a truly macabre story of witches he has collected them all and with your help he, by dim candle light, shares them with only those brave enough to seek them out.

Running over three nights, this show will feature Derek Flores, Patti Stiles, Lliam Amor, Rama Nicholas and more!"

Also featured on this weekend will be some amazing guests from interstate and O/S who will come and play with the good folk from Impro Melbourne - creating a lovely impromoltov cocktail of talent. See you there.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I live in the suburb of Mandom

All things manly in this post folks:

In this ever-increasingly homogenised society (thank you Rik Brown) I find men wandering around the streets sniffing at lamp-posts and rooting through rubbish bins in search of their 'lost identities'. Fearing I'm always a man-size salada crack away from these poor fools I'm always on the look out for signposts, tips and suggestions on how to be a real man in this sterile wasteland. Now, thanks to "The Groovy Age of Horror" and Charles Bronson - a clear, manly Dolphin-Torch size light is shining the way:

It's the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's seminal work "On The Road" - a book that has held me in good stead ever since my dad handed his battered copy over to me with a knowing wink (or was it a tear?) - This article may go some way to explaining his feelings...

Some more swell guys from the swipe files: (can you name them all?)

Coming soon - Impro Melbourne's Halloween Classic