Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lax and Pax

How re-miss of me too leave this blog lying fallow for so long. So much has happened in the 'betweening months that it pains me to try and recall them but here goes:

My little brother turned 20. Not so little anymore.

Flew to Syd for Jordan & Alicia's Rock Wedding at the Vanguard

Scared the crap out of a child on an ABC3 show

Enjoyed bits and pieces of the Fringe Festival (watching a punter throw a plastic milk crate onto Daniel Kitson's head was both mind numbingly tedious and perversely hilarious)

Tried my hand at Storyboarding. Good fun. Better without the ridiculous deadline.

Flew to Sydney for the World's Funniest Island Mini Comedy festival. Much laughter and drinking and toothache was had.

(L-R Lee Naimo and I avoid looking at each other, AB and I dressed to the nines, AB in faux fur 'cause she's Fauxy, Luna Park shenanigans, The World's Funniest Island - a lot of these were taken from Amanda's Flickr page. I hope she doesn't mind)

Auditioned for an impro TV show and had a ball. Seriously disappointed when I didn't get in.

Back to Syd for Lee and Marlo's Yummy Wedding - more fun and frolics, dancing with the pretty ladies.

The IM Halloween Classic was fun and ridiculous. Great to see so many our countries top improvisers in the one room (sadly quite a few were missing as well)
Note - The huge colour A0 poster I made to hang out the front of the theatre was stolen after two days. I take that as a compliment.

Made pink worm spaghetti and "Brain" sauce for kids. Delicious.

Loads of auditions. Nothing. Que sera sera.

Went to the Gold Coast and spent four delirious days shuffling around in the heat wearing a black suit. A great Japanese meal was had.

My boy turned 12 and a pizza party was had by all. Participants roundly drenched by Spring rain dump.

Directed a photoshoot with the supremely talented Mark Gambino for IM. The closest I'll ever get to being David Bailey.

Auditioned for West Side Story. Hilarious in it's farcical nature. My apologies to Brett Cousins who I called "Scott" - terrible faux pax.

Was one of a final three for an ad worth a lot of money. Was one of the two who didn't get it.

Snogged at the Theatresports Grand Final. Good Times.

Amanda's Birthday! We sent up a package o'goodies.

(Amanda having a "Cargument" courtesy of the NAVman ad)

Saw Spontaneous Broadway at the Comedy Theatre with my artwork on the Marquee. Great stuff (and my song was actually chosen - first time ever)

The Impro Melbourne Christmas show (as part of the National project "Impro Unwrapped") went really well and we raised loads of money and donated gifts to St Vinnies. Funny show too - I got to play a hunchback bell ringer who got to rub a nun for kicks. Ahhhh Christmas - it brings out the best in people.

Root Canal work. Grrrrr but thank you for the ultimate painless dentist. Alan Solomon - you rock.

End of year school performances were lovely. The boy MC'd and the Girl was a Sheep (admittedly one with ADHD)

And so we come to now - the drinking and feasting has begun. And the inevitable spiral that leads to outlandish New Year's resolutions is starting to twirl. But Play on I say.

2009 has been a mixed year of sorts I experienced so many wonderful moments of love and friendship as well as the regular plunge into bouts of inky blackness as we pathetic humans are wont to do. I raise a glass of something good (a Negroni perhaps?) to all my friends, family and work colleagues and wish you all the best for coming year - may you find happiness in unusual places and goodwill follow you everywhere like an annoying yappy lapdog. Salut!