Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 - and a new start

Interesting how life trips and turns and leaves you gasping, humming and sighing. There are plenty of things filling up the year already as the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Comedy Festival loom large.
Posters, flyers and web banners have been flowing out the Amor Studio at a clip as well as book cover designs, badges and stationary.

This has been balanced with writing and rehearsing a new sketch show with Sydney comedian and improviser, Dave Bloustien for the aforementioned Adelaide Fringe. An Evening with Style and Panache will debut at the Tuxedo Cat Feb 17th -27. (Tickets are now on sale)

Designed this poster based on an old "Man From UNCLE" comic book cover

I was also honoured to be asked by Dan Ilic to be a part of EVAPOR-AID - a night of comedy to raise funds for the QLD and VIC flood tragedies. Improv geniuses Jason Geary and Rik Brown joined me on stage for some Shakespeare/Bogan switch-a-roo.

Photo: Courtesy Barry Radio. Jason Geary (right) and I with some wicked looping action.

On a personal note - This week I head up to Sydney to bring the delightful Ms Amanda Buckley down to Melbourne to come and live with me and share some good times. Keep an eye on twitter for Road Trip updates :)

Also to round out the month there is another fundraiser myself, Julia Zemiro, Jason and a whole bunch of friends are doing to raise some money for the Kid's Plus Foundation and to help our friend Helen get her little girl a special bike. Click the image and check out that amazing line up.

Poster by me for a chum.

Come along - it's absolutely guaranteed to be an amazing night. More info here.

Also on sale now are tickets to Late Night Impro at the Comedy Festival - which I'm directing this year - more soon :)

I'll post some more design work soon. Happy New Year folks.