Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Moments from 2010

I tasted Caramel Popcorn and it made me think of LollyGobbleBlissBombs

Watching Dead Cat Bounce do "The Kick" and almost chase a bare arsed midget.

I bought my own fork for the office.

Looking up the delightful nose of Geoffrey Rush whilst sitting in the front row of The Drowsy Chaperone.

I was a Running Man Bird Plane with dodgy cardboard wings and a vest.

Buying the Rutles DVD for $6

Finding a ceramic snack holder in the shape of a hessian bag and the term "Nut sack" carved into it.

Listening to Casey Bennetto sing the lesser known Bee Gees songs at the SB BBQ

I got my ducted heating serviced.

Auditioned for a suspect sportsbet ad by Brian Mannix in leather pants

Jason Geary & I sat in a seedy Merimbula motel & watched the exploitation animation "The Haunted World of Super El Beasto"

Slipping "We love pussy" (in context) into a 'Bed of Roses' ADR (dubbing) session at the ABC and giggling.

Finding the Big Book of Erotic Comics Vol 2 at a Savers in Footscray (and the ensuing weird look at the check out)

Stumbling across brain matter on the beach at Queenscliff with the kids. Poking it with a stick.

Running into Jase and Angus Sampson (who kept running) and all my Sydney friends at World's Funniest Picnic

Watching the old school Theatresports players bust out their schtick to a packed crowd at Theatreworks.

Finally realising I had the oven tray in the wrong way around and righting it.

Taking an break on set, dressed as a policeman. Spontaneously crimping for the passengers in a passing train

Asking Amanda to come and live in Melbourne - oh how she resisted... until I left a trail of lollipops to my door.

Fingers crossed 2011 will be filled with moments of epicness such as these :)