Friday, October 31, 2008

'Tache For Cash

Hello fellow hedonists.

"Movember" is here and I have been poked and taunted into joining in on the follicle fund-raising festivities. So be it!

In November I will be grooming and coercing the Flynn 'Tache in order to help raise money for some very worthy causes - the fight against prostate cancer and men's depression. I would be as proud as punch if you would help me by making a donation. No matter what amount - you'll be a "Viscount of the Heart" in my book.

Here's all the guff:

Go here:
and donate online using your credit card or PayPal ccount,


Write a cheque payable to ‘Movember Foundation', referencing my Registration Number 1411896 and mailing it to:

Movember Foundation
PO Box 292
Prahran VIC 3181

Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you all and here's to a fine specimen come December 1st :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Classic - Improvisation Festival

Hi all
Around this time of year as the spring wind starts wafting it's sweet delivery into the eyes of hay fever sufferers everywhere, Halloween rears it's largely redundant head in Australia. Ever keen to capitalise on a holiday - Impro Melbourne is holding a three day festival of shows featuring guests from all over Australia and New Zealand. It'll be a great weekend full of wheezes.

Here's the schedule:

Friday, October 31st

7.30 – 8.15pm Impro Magnifique

A travelling French impro company have arrived in town. Luckily, Mr Gambino from Impro Melbourne speaks enough French to invite the company to perform and voila! Instant fun!

8.30 – 9.15pm All Together Now

Everybody onstage. All the time. A show where the actors act, but are also the props, staging and scenery. It’s both juicy and tasty.

9.30 – 10.30pm Fortune

Destiny unveiled Impro Melbourne style. An audience member’s future is foretold by the plucky oracles of IM. Can you handle the truth?

Saturday, November 1st

7.30 – 8.15pm Grandpa Willard’s Bedtime Stories

Pull up your blankets kids, it’s story time. Snuggle down and listen closely.
Let Grandpa Willard tell you amazing stories and watch them come to life before your very eyes. Now, don’t get too excited. If Nanna Ethel hears that you’re still awake, we’ll all go without breakfast. Right, where is that book?
Ah, here.
Are you ready?
What was the name of that story you love so much…?

8.30 – 9.15pm The Wishing Tree

Imagine a world where all your dreams came true…

9.30 – 10.30pm Pia Zadora

Pia Zadora was a much maligned actress from the 1980s, who churned out some terrible films before marrying a millionaire and disappearing into an awful music video with Jermaine Jackson (look it up on YouTube—hilarious). This show, however, is a fully improvised hour of story and characters—nothing like Ms Zadora really…

Sunday, November 2nd, 7.30 – 9.30pm

7.30 – 9.30pm Theatresports

14 Acland Street, St. Kilda (Melway ref. 2P A7)
$20 Full (includes all three shows on the night)
$15 Concession
$15 Groups 10+
$55 Family Pack (2 adults, 2 children)
Tickets on sale now!
Book online at Theatreworks
Or by phone: 03 9534 3388

I'll be performing in All Together Now and directing Pia Zadora - so please come along and enjoy.

Here's some video to get you in the mood:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Vintage Drool

Ever wanted something for no other reason than it's just so-damn-good looking (apart from Monica Belluci)

Musings on a tri-monthly basis

Yesterday I entered my relaxation cubicle, flopped down into my expensive contoured, comfy chair, put my feet up on the designer pouf and breathed out a long sigh. It has been a tremendously busy couple of months designing, acting, socialising, eating, drinking and not sleeping. Memories and recollections came tumbling back as I cleared my mind of August/September/October clutter...

Auditioning for Peter Moon's new comedy show "Whatever happened to that Guy? and being told "Cut...ok...that was... good.. this time let's try it a bit more human?"

My role on Hollowmen came and went. I was happy.

The Hounds were creating a new show for the Fringe Festival "The Last Bucket of Water" and asked me if I could film an intro as a homage to "Lost". I did and it was great fun working with them all. The show was hilarious and wildly popular. I wish them all the best for Adelaide.

Auditioned for "This is your Laugh" - a new show starring a whole bunch of mates from Sydney. Great idea and the talent is fantastic.

A couple of corporate gigs kept me in steady cash flow which was much welcomed. The biggest being a weekend in Adelaide working at a Repco conference. It was huge and we came out of it with free orange overalls (I'm sure they'll come in handy at some stage). A lot of the guys there recognised me from Underbelly and much phone camera action was to be had "maaaaaate"....
Speaking of which - Vince is out and so am I....

Also got to work with Ready To Roll again on a Training video which was hilarious.

Dad had another successful show at Niagara. His work keeps getting darker and darker. If I didn't know better I'd say that man was obsessed by death...

Went in for $60,000 ad campaign...............................didn't get it. I'm not bitter or anything...

My little brother turned 19. Holy fuck. I sent him "On the Road" and "Narcissus and Goldman" to read.

I helped design the program for the Eleventh Hour Theatre company's Arts Festival entry "Endgame" and I created posters and flyers for Spontaneous Broadway, Sondheim Unscripted, Theatresports, Sydney's Cranston Cup and The Danny Kaye Show (coming up at the Spiegletent)

The Melbourne Fringe Festival opened just as it's program said it would. Lots of new faces and quite a bit of new faeces. But I enjoyed what I saw. Last Bucket of Water, Beaconsfield The Musical, Truman Joseph's Nature Box, Spontaneous Broadway, Andrew McClelland's Finishing School and lots of chums in Smoker's Alley.

Auditioned for Tangle, the new Showtime series and got the part. I shot the episode on a Tuesday (drama) and then shot the Peter Moon episode on the Wednesday (comedy). It nearly did my head in. Both shoots were fantastic and the cast, crew and scripts were excellent.

I attended the premiere of The Vapour Boys at the Como Cinema, written and directed by Josh Simons - one of the most talented 17 year olds you'll ever meet. I made a short film with him last year, Subterfuge - an indicator of what was to come. It was a terrific film and the young cast of (largely) amateurs are a stand out. Fingers crossed the festival circuit pick it up and good things come to him - he deserves it.

Went to the Aquarium with the Kids, Dad & Meg. Who new jellyfish could be so mesmerising?

Played Theatresports with new team "Chaos" - an apt description if ever there was one. We'll be back onstage on the 26th Oct and then I'll be bringing back "Pia Zadora" for the Halloween Classic featuring a whole bunch of special guests which will be grand.


At this point in my brain rumblings I was awakened by firm hand shaking my shoulder, I sat up abruptly to face the impertinent interloper who roused me from my reverie... dressed in sombre blue and yellow, the ikea salesperson asked me to stop dribbling on the furniture. I hurriedly left loudly declaring never to visit this establishment again...

If only that were true... damn, I love their daims....