Friday, June 30, 2006

Lanterns, Toon Horses & Tangents

Here's a couple of things to add to the 'to do' list

From the Horse Bazaar website:
2nd Wednesday of every month
Come enjoy a programme of animation screenings, showing all kinds of animation including stop motion, Machinima, claymation, animé, manga and cartoons. Music from oleg kostrow, messer chups, bisk, tipsy, hifana, carl stalling, moog music, raymond scott, people like us, stockhausen and walkman, djme & djyou...etc Music and animation re-mixed and re-contextualised on the spot by your music and animation selectors: DJ Delay + DJ2 Free entry from 9pm

What Lustre! - The Lantern Gallery ...and she also made the lovely Sarah Carroll a website.

And don't forget that the new Impro Melbourne format 'Tangents' starts this Sunday at the Impro Cave.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Resuming Normal Transmission

Hey Kids! Let’s play "What happened to May/June!"

  • Last Days of Chez Comedy Fest – I laughed, dribbled and cried from hilarity during Spymonkey’s ‘Cooped’
  • Played ineffectual scrabble with the lovely folks from Scrabble Unscripted alongside The Bedroom Philosopher. We had not one but two temper tantrums, dashing the board to the ground in a fit of pique. Great fun.
  • Played in the last night of Late Nite Impro – as usual, a month later, I can’t remember anything about it. Did I play the nonplussed Samurai against Simon ‘Thank God You’re Here’ Dowling? Who knows….
  • Mum launched her band’s CD. The Swamp Album.
  • Started shaping the new format ‘Tangents’ with a group from Impro Melbourne.
  • Keith Johnstone came through Melbourne in a chipper mood and a bag full of advice. I directed Maestro with him and had a ball. Later I drove him home (from St.Kilda to Eltham – that’s a lot of terrifying small talk) and we talked about impro, his distaste of the guru status, movies, comics and art. I asked him why he still travels the world teaching, he said ”because I enjoy it…and so many people fuck it up”. Later we stopped and picked up some supplies (now I know how Jeff Griggs must have felt). It was quite a surreal moment to be standing in Safeway with a living theatre legend and finding him Soy Cheese.
  • Deborah from The Spontaneity Shop swung by and we caught up over dinner then she sat in on a Tangents workshop and blessed us with her wisdom.
  • My Birthday came and went. Hello i-river!
  • Renovations trundled on – Walls came down, new walls went up, sinks went in ahhh finally – we had a kitchen again.
  • Corporate gig for Optus in Brisbane
  • Painted walls (groan)
  • Deakin students heading towards end of semester and all is fine. Some great performances and films and a bunch of not-so-great ones (but you’ll never which ones know if you’re a student reading this – Maw hahahahahahaha)
  • Caught a cold and thought I’d keep it around for month.
  • Corporate gig for AXA in Melb
  • I brought a Roustabout shirt from Route 66 – I was chatting to the guy behind the counter (called Guy BTW) and he asked how I came to shop there. I said I had been coveting their range of shirts for some time now but on this day had followed a link from the Man’s Ruin website. He chuckled and asked which performer I liked, he was an affable chap so I told him (also with a chuckle). He then said she was his girlfriend. Convo over, shirt paid for and a swift exit was called for.

  • Started a new Quiz show on ABC 774 with Derek Guille – called “Who Gives a Quiz?” It’s a format that a group of us from Impro Melbourne have been working on – it’s on tonight (and every second Monday). Loads of expert fun and Derek is a great player and host.
  • Last day of Uni – awwwwwwwwwww. Now - the marking of assignments – bugger.
  • Dad asked if I want to sit for a portrait and so have been doing that over a couple of weekends – I haven’t done one since I was a callow youth of 15 so it was interesting to be back in the chair again. He put on his latest find - Jack Nitzsche and we talk and he paints.
  • Taught a one off three hour impro workshop out at Deakin which nearly killed me…but was great fun.
  • Went to a Mid-Winter Festival at my son’s school. All the kids had collected wood for a bonfire on the oval and when it was lit – Boom – a hundred or so instant pyromaniacs were born.
  • Celebrated Gulliver Thompson’s first birthday – it was a pleasure to meet him at last.
  • Took down a heavy wooden Ikea Bunk bed, put up a comparatively lightweight Ikea Loft bed and swore a lot.
  • Claire had a ba-beeeeee. Welcome Lily – you’ve got a great family.
  • Anne had a birthday and I nearly killed her with kindness – she looked quite worn out by the end of the day. Maw hahahahahahahah.

There – that’ll do.