Friday, August 29, 2008

Space - the vintage frontier

I love this mash-up clip from the archives and the fact that she has popped the credits on the end is a lovely homage to the original creators - lovely stuff.

Monday, August 25, 2008

So very frustrating...

Computer got a virus
Computer Fix it guys take virus off but computer still not right ($85)
Computer Fix it guys take it back again and say "it's broken"
Computer Fix it guys say "we'll back up up your data and re-install windows" ($75)
Computer Fix it guys lose all my data (all my artwork, current jobs, invoices, emails, family photos and videos)
Computer Fix it guys try to retrieve my data very, very slowly and want to charge me for it again.

short fuse burning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Professor Balthazar!

Suddenly - 30 years slips away and I am staring at the colour tv at my friend's house and the world of possibilities keeps getting wider and wider....

I can't wait to get my hands on the restored version.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Timewaster!

Let's play "Find Lliam's Artwork"

Theatreworks - Theatresports 2007

Enmore Theatre - Theatresports national Championships
(technically I didn't make the billboard poster but eh...)

Friday, August 01, 2008

July - That's a Wrap

July came and went with some highs:

The Off the Cuff Improvisation Festival, Brisbane July 18 - 21
Organised by the good folk of Impro Mafia - this follow up to last year's fest was packed full of fun. Jason, Rama, Rik, Patti and I came up from Impro Melbourne to put on our format from Late Nite Impro - "You've Got The Part" and Patti, Rama and I teamed up with Derek Flores to revive "Mr Fish and His spooky Library of the Improv Macabre" (which we hope to take around to a few festivals). Jason, Rik, Rama and I stayed at Bunk which was a hilarious display of drunken accents, booze, lust and backpackin' shenanigans - except for our room - which resembled the galley of a small submarine.

We performed at the Powerhouse which was an amazing venue with some beautiful views and featured some of the wankiest barstaff/chef attitude I've seen in some time. Glorious.

While in Brisbane we managed to see the amazing Picasso exhibition and plenty of street entertainment including a karate demonstration, a native hip dance tutorial, Charlie Chaplain, a jazz trio, a wheezing spraypaint artist and a giant egg.

The weather was hot and so was the impro - a great way to spend Winter.

Other Highs included:

Amanda Buckley and Susie Youssef dropping in on Melbourne and we all went Wicked.

Visited The Art Deco exhibition and was inspired by the lines (and how they related to the resurgence of style in European illustration in the 80s)

Re-watching Amazon Women on the Moon - classic stuff folks.

Downloading a burning 7 years of family photos off an old computer - whoo boy - Memory lane. I'd forgotten the kids were ever that small!

Caught up with Geoff Paine and Roz Hammond while shooting a corporate vid. Best people evah.

And The Lows:

I've got a cold.

and I owe the Taxman...


If you're in Sydney - don't forget to get along to Celebrity Theatresports - this Saturday at the Enmore. I won it last year but won't be up for this one unfortunately - but heaps of great people are - so get along.
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