Friday, August 31, 2007

Big ol' update - part one

Ok – this is massive ‘cause I’m a lazy bum.
Hey Lliam - What’s been happening since July 31st? I hear you ask... well, I’ll tell you nosy:

Aug 4th - Impro Australia’s Celebrity Theatresports

Each year (like Impro Melbourne) IA holds a massive night of Theatresports peppered with celebs from all over. A portion of the proceeds go to the Starlight foundation and there are massive raffled prizes etc. It’s always a big production and this year was no exception. Being 2007, the directors Nikki Parry and Jon Williams went with a James Bond – style theme (007 geddit?…also brought on by Jon watching a spotlight dance around a stage reminding him of the opening credits of the classic Bond films)

They asked me a couple of months ago if I would like to design the poster/postcard for it and being a fan I whipped up a design.

Then came time for the production and they asked if I would like to Judge along with Benita from Playschool and local impro guru Lyn Pierce – I said yes of course (I was going to be in Sydney that weekend anyway). Fates twisted a string and Jon rang and asked if I would like to play instead – so on Saturday the 4th I hit the Enmore Stage in the team 'Casino Royale With Cheese' - Lee Naimo, Jordan Raskopoulos, Clare Hooper and myself won the night after a game of 'everything replay' that involved the 'Velociraptor of Christmas Past'.

'Casino Royale With Cheese' - we were the Villains

Clare attempts to revive me as I wimp on yet another song by faking a heart attack

We were monster pudding... or was it jelly? Dan looks on with his heroic beard

All Show photos (copyright) by the excellent Stephen Gustav Reinhardt
More show pics here

We won… I had to kiss Jordan's sock... but we won. On to the After party and mooching, drinks and laughing all good fun (apart from the fact that I was in the grip of a terrible cold – curse those airborne beasties)

Aug 5th – My sister Zoe’s little girl Asha had a birthday – she turned 5 and I forgot it (BAD UNCLE) then on the 8th Zoe had her opening at the MARS gallery – loads of fantastic sculptures and beautiful pieces.

More Corporate work – I don the Suit costume once again and take the elevator to financial gain. Thank you Performing Matters and ABT.

The car is sick and needs a new gearbox and clutch. $1600 jumps out of my bank account and scampers off into the distance. I find life is much harder while my car is in the garage.

AB and Susie leave for OS. Have fun chums (and they do - as the photos don’t lie)

Here endth part one…