Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thank Goodness You Are Here

The Russian version - complete with buttoned-up-orange-polo-under-the-jacket Shane Bourne type host and a chubby Tom Gleisner in the chair. Great stuff - check out the guests they have on to play - what glamour! What casual wear! (link courtesy of the SMOWAH forums).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

From A to Z

Image coutesy of the Age website

"From A to Z" was one of the incredibly witty titles Julia and I tossed around for our Fringe festival show (a year ago - gulp - where does the time go....? Bolivia apparently) before settling on our little homage to Nichols and May. Today there is a fantastic article about Julia in the Age discussing her rise in the world of the biz (although I insist that we had more than 12 people turn up each night). She truly deserves it. I can't think of another actress that can have me rolling on the floor laughing one minute and then turn around and king hit me with a fine piece of dramatic acting the next (not that she's manic depressive or suffers from volatile mood swings or anything - it's just a turn of phrase, although she has been known to attack men who wear beards without moustaches). You go girl.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Flyer - New Challange

Come along and see this fabulous show on the 13th and say hello to the nervous improviser in the corner (who looks a lot like me). Lots of wonderful special guests that night too (even a Queenie I hear). It's great fun.

The Blurb: Xmas Season - 3 shows only! The hilarious improvised musical spectacular! A completely new musical is born every night! Original cast & special guests. Wednesdays 6th, 13th & 20th Dec. 8pm EUROTRASH 18 Corrs Lane (off Little Bourke, b/n Russell & Exhibition) TIX $20 & $15 at the door