Monday, August 28, 2006

Scribblings of a Madman

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This is what happens when the internet is slow....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Show, Small Dogs & Brian Blessed

Had a call from my agent: "Can you do something for - unnamed returning popular TV show - on Monday?"

I spat coffee out all over the new Dell laptop (luckily it put out the fire that had just started ) and let out an excited "yip" (akin to the sound a small dog that women carry in their purses might make) and so...proceeded to shoot stuff and have a great time. Once it's up and running I'll post more. Shhh secret squirrel.

The corporate work is still rolling in which is great - I sat up the other day and realised that I was a half way to being a "working actor" (i.e. making the majority of my paltry living off being creative) a warm sensation to say the least - not unlike weeing in the sea - but the feeling soon leaves and you are left wet, deluded and slightly paranoid.

I caught up with Julia after her Adelaide leg of Eurobeat and we discussed remounting our Fringe show from last year - hearty yesses sounded good and we'll discuss and procrastinate a bit more when she gets back from Sydney. Apparently I could be heard laughing in an episode of Rockwiz the other night (the one with Liam O'Maonlai and Eddi Reader – and it was me that yelled out “Do It For Sean!” during the duet – what? I’d had a few beers….) - this not an uncommon experience as I am often in the audience for TV shows (I like to watch) and have one of those loud ‘Brian Blessed’ style laughs.

After downloading the I.T Crowd and watching the last episode (which I saw taped in London last year) two separate friends of mine asked if I had been there because "...they could've sworn it was my laugh" - now - is it fun or annoying to sit next to someone like me in an audience....I'll never know I'm having too much fun.

p.s. just for reference the other shows I can be heard laughing on are The Micallef Program series 1 & 2, The Big Bite, Rockwiz Series 1, 2 & 3, The Late Edition (UK), Shelley Berman on Radio 4, The I.T Crowd ep.6 and Thank God You're Here Series 1 ep 1.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In a hurry...just a quick one.....Vicar. Ooo errr...

I love the illustrations and bizarre going-ons of Cabanon Press

Went To Adelaide to perform in a corporate gig with Troupe De Jour and my old sparring partner Jason Geary (whose hitting the boards in Eurobeat in Perth this week). We spent the night chomping down huge steaks, drinking whiskey and walking/waddling through the chilly streets trying to find our hotel....good times.
The next day we rehearsed and then they pulled the plug on the gig (an off-off-off site technical issue was demanding our audiences attention) . Very bizarre to have residual performance energy and no where to leave it.

Listening to: Paris Derniere Vol.1, Paris Derniere Vol.2, The Party Soundtrack, Jamiroquai & Nat King Cole and half-heartdly pretending it's the swinging 50s & 60s