Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In a hurry...just a quick one.....Vicar. Ooo errr...

I love the illustrations and bizarre going-ons of Cabanon Press

Went To Adelaide to perform in a corporate gig with Troupe De Jour and my old sparring partner Jason Geary (whose hitting the boards in Eurobeat in Perth this week). We spent the night chomping down huge steaks, drinking whiskey and walking/waddling through the chilly streets trying to find our hotel....good times.
The next day we rehearsed and then they pulled the plug on the gig (an off-off-off site technical issue was demanding our audiences attention) . Very bizarre to have residual performance energy and no where to leave it.

Listening to: Paris Derniere Vol.1, Paris Derniere Vol.2, The Party Soundtrack, Jamiroquai & Nat King Cole and half-heartdly pretending it's the swinging 50s & 60s

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