Monday, November 19, 2007

Good bye Ivanhoe - Hello Briar Hill

image courtesy of finkbuilt.

Ok, so it's crazy I know but I've moved again. The flat was great, had a beautiful million dollar view and has been good for all parties (sadly no parties)... but I was too far away from the kids and without a car it was proving impossible - not too mention getting thoroughly sick of the tinny-mobile-phone-music-playing-incredibly-loud-ipod-wearing-southern comfort and coke in a a can-swilling morons on the Hurstbridge line.

So I applied for and got a fantastic crazy '50s house in Briar Hill, 2mins walk from the kids school (but a smidge too close to bogan central for my liking...)

and secondly - I scored a lovely little second hand car off my mechanic in a sweet serendipidous moment of the Fates working with me instead of against me....

So... what else has been happening? In no particular order:

Drinking into the wee hours with chums at the Speigeltent and talking to Newcastle
A couple of auditions after a dry spell
Re-watching "Spaced" and loving it all over again. A brilliant, brilliant series.
My son turned 10 and the subsequent parties that followed.
Some more corporate work with people I enjoy performing with (and watching them perform)
Winning the Theatresports semi finals and getting ready for the Grand Final next Sunday.
Discovering my Nissan Pulsar has a cd player (it's the simple things in life people...)
Watching the divine Benne Harrison sing at the Speigletent and the wonderful effect it had on the dance floor.
Getting things fixed, finding places for my crap and setting up house.
Unpacking, relishing, then storing away my past.
My dad won the Mcclellend Sculpture prize and making the dailies.

My son's face when he opened the massive remote control Dalek we got him for his birthday (Who Fans Unite)
Watching the most amazing strip tease act during a Juke Baritone & The Swamp Dogs set.
descending down into the Paris Cat and being wowed by the atmosphere and beauty.
Sweet visitations from angels afar.
The catching up with and subsequent partying with all the impro brethren during I.M.'s Halloween festival

and just because it deserves it's own paragraph:

Mr Fish and his Spooky Library of the Improv Macabre was the most satisfying and enjoyable improvising I have done in quite some time. Along with Patti Stiles and Rama Nicholas we launched ourselves into the hands and mind of Derek Flores and we created three nights of magical, spooky, silly and terrifying stories. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Derek Flores as Mr Fish - Photo by Alex Reichart