Friday, May 01, 2009

iMPro3 Shuffle Flyers & Posters

Some more design flotsam from the recent files:

I drew everything first - all based on characters and scenarios that the cast told me about from personal experiences "...yeah, there's always a cheerleader in there". Then I scanned it in as a high res jpg, then re-drew and lettered in Illustrator as an A3 poster.

After receiving some change requests I cleaned it up and dropped the artwork (piece by piece) into Photoshop, tweaked it some more and buggered about nudging elements here and there...

Finally I saved as a high res PDF and emailed it off... then I watched a film at 2am and then went to bed.

I really enjoyed this project - lotsa colour, drawing and shapes. Very satisfying.

Original Version from Illustrator - the font is my own hand lettering.

Final cleaned up sexy versions.

p.s. If you're in Sydney go and see the show - they are wonderful improvisers and hilarious as well.