Thursday, December 07, 2006

From A to Z

Image coutesy of the Age website

"From A to Z" was one of the incredibly witty titles Julia and I tossed around for our Fringe festival show (a year ago - gulp - where does the time go....? Bolivia apparently) before settling on our little homage to Nichols and May. Today there is a fantastic article about Julia in the Age discussing her rise in the world of the biz (although I insist that we had more than 12 people turn up each night). She truly deserves it. I can't think of another actress that can have me rolling on the floor laughing one minute and then turn around and king hit me with a fine piece of dramatic acting the next (not that she's manic depressive or suffers from volatile mood swings or anything - it's just a turn of phrase, although she has been known to attack men who wear beards without moustaches). You go girl.

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Sentience said...

Shame there wasn't room for a mention of Impro Melbourne in the story.

If had a blog, this is something we could put on it... Code faster, damned fingers!