Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Flyer - New Challange

Come along and see this fabulous show on the 13th and say hello to the nervous improviser in the corner (who looks a lot like me). Lots of wonderful special guests that night too (even a Queenie I hear). It's great fun.

The Blurb: Xmas Season - 3 shows only! The hilarious improvised musical spectacular! A completely new musical is born every night! Original cast & special guests. Wednesdays 6th, 13th & 20th Dec. 8pm EUROTRASH 18 Corrs Lane (off Little Bourke, b/n Russell & Exhibition) TIX $20 & $15 at the door


Cloudbusting said...

Just noticing the venue that Spontaneous Broadway is being held at this year...last time I was able to take my 8 yr old, will it be appropriate this time?
Thanks :)

Lliam said...

Hi Cloudbusting
Most of these shows are "fairly family friendly" but....you never know when it comes to the whims of the audience - based on last week’s show "Lesbian Lovers” (set in 1930's Berlin during the Olympics) - I'd say you might have some explaining to do afterwards. Who knows - this week it could be fairies and unicorns?

p.s. Just in case you were wondering - apparently one of the lesbians was an expert Javelin thrower who happened to change the course of history when she threw it at Hitler, hitting him in the eye and killing him instantly...effectively ending the Third Reich and giving rise to the Thousand Year Lesbian Reich instead. So happy endings all round eh?