Friday, June 30, 2006

Lanterns, Toon Horses & Tangents

Here's a couple of things to add to the 'to do' list

From the Horse Bazaar website:
2nd Wednesday of every month
Come enjoy a programme of animation screenings, showing all kinds of animation including stop motion, Machinima, claymation, animé, manga and cartoons. Music from oleg kostrow, messer chups, bisk, tipsy, hifana, carl stalling, moog music, raymond scott, people like us, stockhausen and walkman, djme & djyou...etc Music and animation re-mixed and re-contextualised on the spot by your music and animation selectors: DJ Delay + DJ2 Free entry from 9pm

What Lustre! - The Lantern Gallery ...and she also made the lovely Sarah Carroll a website.

And don't forget that the new Impro Melbourne format 'Tangents' starts this Sunday at the Impro Cave.

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