Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thank you 2010! You've been Grand.

A fresh face on the blog and some new words to tide you all over until the sporadic posting of the new year :)

There are so many wonderful things that have happened recently that I can safely say that 2010 is a turning point in an otherwise weird couple of years. Acting jobs went down but Design work went up which is still keeping me up and at 'em.

Here's some things that I've been enjoying recently:
The spring rain reminding me the gutters need cleaning, watching the twitter feed the night Hawke screened on Channel 10, improvising intestate with the folks from Full Body Contact No Love Tennis - as well as the regular folk at Impro Melbourne (speaking of which - last show for the year is Impro Unwrapped Sunday 7.30 Sunday 12th December at The Space), watching Gentlemen Broncos with Amanda and laughing at Sam Rockwell over and over again, sitting down and painting with my kids and the reading, reading, reading.

Life is good and Christmas is in the air.

Here's some recent design work for various projects:

Impro Australia's Annual Cranston Cup Theatresports season.

Mock up for Ross Daniels' new show "X"

Artwork for Impro Unwrapped - a charity improv show that is happening all over Australia to help raise money and goods for the St Vincent's Christmas Appeal

And as a Christmas treat - some recent Movember pics:

Snidley Whiplash looks on and taunts me like a Bounder should.

Until the next exciting adventure!

P.s. My son is now on Blogger with his own art site "Ink & Co" - check it out :)

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