Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I live in the suburb of Mandom

All things manly in this post folks:

In this ever-increasingly homogenised society (thank you Rik Brown) I find men wandering around the streets sniffing at lamp-posts and rooting through rubbish bins in search of their 'lost identities'. Fearing I'm always a man-size salada crack away from these poor fools I'm always on the look out for signposts, tips and suggestions on how to be a real man in this sterile wasteland. Now, thanks to "The Groovy Age of Horror" and Charles Bronson - a clear, manly Dolphin-Torch size light is shining the way:

It's the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's seminal work "On The Road" - a book that has held me in good stead ever since my dad handed his battered copy over to me with a knowing wink (or was it a tear?) - This article may go some way to explaining his feelings...

Some more swell guys from the swipe files: (can you name them all?)

Coming soon - Impro Melbourne's Halloween Classic

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