Monday, January 12, 2009

Fine peice of prosey

" nuts. I'm just a guy trying to get along in a crazy mixed up world. If all I'm good at is making a lady feel all warm and squishy then so be it. Come here doll and let me put my big, brutish arms around you and then I'll squeeze you like a ripe melon - my hairy chest pushing against your sweet, ruddy cheeks, you'll be gasping for air as I hugs tighter. Then you'll be so close you'll be able to feel me through the gabardine pants I'm wearing and then you'll know what time it is. Oh yes. It's time to get ready for some hot lovin'. and I'm not taking any of that coy, innocent baloney either toots. When I give it to you, you'll take it and like it...."

A passage from the new novel I'm working on - "Hello My Lovely - Diary of a Sensitive Brute"

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