Monday, April 23, 2007

Comedy Festival Update: The wind down....

I love the fact that you can read that title two ways.

The Comedy festival trundles along and I am still loving the crowds of happy punters swarming from venue to venue in search of fresh laughs, a new face or another variation on an Irish accent.

Janelle Koenig came and joined us for a spot of Late Nite Impro on Friday and was a joy to watch as she fearlessly jumped in and whipped up some comedy goodness. Likewise Jimmy James Eaton was a man on fire on Sat with his trademark 'tiny pony riding' and many moves of smooth. Next Friday, Andrew McClelland swells the ranks (ooo errr) along with myself, Russell Fletcher, Rik Brown and Jason Geary. On Saturday 28th Jon Williams (Strangelove and Scrabble Unscripted) will tread the Cloak room boards (while I'll be franticly rushing from Celebrity Theatresports to watch him - he's great).

Comedy Fest organisers please note: The scarylarge woman security guard at the Town Hall has made visiting the Peter Cook bar a journey fraught with danger and unpleasantness. No longer can one breathe smoke, drink copious amounts of alcohol and scan for friendly faces without fear of an evil eye and a chokehold - she has even corrupted the normally even-handed mustachioed fellow who has been there forever. Sack her! Fire her! In fact, put her in a sack and set fire to her - burn the witch, burn the witch!!! Or at least force her to take annual leave for the month of April.

Sir Les and the Man with name of a Bar - Peter Cook - photographed by Peter Milne

This week 80's Enuff rocked my world as I bopped and hopped as only a 35yr old man can on the Trades Hall dance floor, before leaping upon a pew to strut my stuff (...of all the chairs in history I think the Pews have been the most persecuted). I love to watch Flash Dan end every song with his trademark 'leap of rock' . This Friday should be no exception and I urge anyone with residual energy to come and dance (or you know, make sweet love, whatever... jeez to I have to make all the decisions?)

More shows I have to see:

Science-ology - Ben McKenzie
All Of Me - The Menage DuBois Story - The Frotters
What to do when Zombies attack - Xavier Michelides
The Needle and the Damage Done - Fiona Scott Norman
The Hound of the Baskervilles - Adam McKenzie, Tegan Higginbotham and Robert Lloyd
The Lost City of Argos - The 4 Noels

and all the others of course............................

Have a great week people

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