Monday, April 16, 2007

Living the Rock star dream

Here's an excerpt from the very funny Age article 'You're 'avin a larf' by Marieke Hardy

The Melbourne Comedy Festival provides a fascinating glimpse into what life can be like for those funny men and women living the stand-up dream. For 25 giddy days, the most socially awkward, stumblingly shy, physically challenged folk you'd ever imagine are suddenly feted as rock stars, and pursued with duly feverish intent.

They are wined and dined, taken for dawn strolls down the balmy inviting stretch of Southbank, secretly kissed in sticky Chinatown alleyways by big-eyed girls with knapsacks, whispered about in public and in private. They are staked-out and shadowed, lusted after and late-night texted, hailed as heart-throbs and adored as potential paramours. What this must feel like for those who have most likely spent their entire childhoods ducking well-aimed blackboard dusters and hearing the words: "I don't know, I've just never seen you in that way. Couldn't we be friends instead?" can only be guessed at."

Come on - if we all hold hands and close our eyes and whisper "I believe" I'm sure we can make it come true.

heh heh.

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