Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank God It's On Again

Secret no more - I have been working on TGYH and it starts on Wednesday (7.30pm Channel 10). It's been fantastic to be on and I have been lucky enough to reunite with a few mates during the process. Shaun and I have a very brief scene together - what they cut out though was his surprised, honest reaction when I drove into shot "Oh hello Lliam..." "Hi Shaun...", "....they'll cut that bit out...".
The ensemble crew are great actors and improvisers and it's always a privilege to watch them work. As the shows go to air I'll see if I can dredge up any Extras-style commentary to go with it.

The first episode features Cal Wilson, Anh Do, Hamish Blake and Tony Martin. At one point during our scene I burst out laughing at one of Anh's responses – he was so bloody disarmingly honest.

After so many years improvising (big head alert) I'd forgotten just how scary it can be for some people to step up to the plate with nothing. Some performers fly and others end up with spontaneous stammering and sweaty upper brows. I guess that's what makes this show so popular.

And just in case you want to get into semantics - I'm approaching the work as an "actor who improvises" not the other way around. It's tough to only have half a script but it keeps you on your toes.


Kevin Yank said...

Ooh, I guessed right!

You know, this is the kind of thing we'd put in an Impro Melbourne blog, if we had one.

Must work harder on the new CMS...

Lliam said...

Yes Kevin - jeez what have got, like only a gazillion things on your plate?

Mike said...

My envy knows no bounds lliam