Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Photo Tuesday

Jud just got a new Mac to play with and we fooled around with the in-built camera features...soooo much fun....not like stoopid windows. Bah.

This could be my new web comic "Middle Aged Comic Character"
(note: technically I am only 35 - but I'm taking artistic license)

This has a nice pencil feel that reminds me of a Plympton animation or an early A-Ha video clip

Come on - who hasn't at one time or another wanted to be a one eyed freak?

He’s just a little bitty thing, he’s just a little guy
But women go crazy for the big blue eye
How does he dream, how does he think
When he can’t even speak and he can’t even blink

I said: Hail, hail
The Eyeball Kid
Hail, hail
The Eyeball Kid
Hail, hail
Eyeball Kid

Excerpt from the lyrics of Tom Waits "The Eyeball Kid"

Written by: Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan-Waits
Published by: Jalma Music (ASCAP), © 1999
Official release: Mule Variations, Anti Inc., 1999
Arrangements and lyrics published in "Tom Waits - Mule Variations" (Amsco Publications, 2000)

My son Rafferty and I at the Impro Melbourne Riknik (like a picnic but named after Rik who thought of it). Does Ham run in the Family? I have a mouth full of hotdog in case you're wondering.
Thanks to Leah for her snap happy ways.

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