Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sandy Point & Dress Ups

Russell Gilbert was a great guest on last week's TGYH but so nervous that when he came through the door he hugged the entire cast before the scene had started - a lovely gesture to be sure - but notice how I'm fumbling in the background? After Russell hugged me my lapel mic got caught on his space suit and popped off after he let go. I love tech stuff ups but I had two lines to deliver which is why I appeared a little more voluble/emotional than usual...heh heh. Tonight I get to play dress ups again as the sergeant at the scene of a siege. Angus "Wild Thing" Sampson was hilarious during this shoot. I hope the Working Dog guys leave these scenes uncut for a DVD in the future - so much good material hits the cutting room floor.

Went to Sandy Point with the kids for a holiday (apart from a few days commuting for a location shoot and an audition). A beautiful spot nestled between Walkerville and Wilsons Prom – tea trees, gravely roads bushy scrublands, sandy beach tracks, mini golf, one general store and a take away shop. Unfortunately it also happens to be the windiest spot on the face of this planet. Good god and I thought I was bad.

Oi that’s got to be the first time I finished a blog entry with a fart gag. Hurrah!

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