Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mean Streets, Blind Alleys and Deaf Courts

I had some fun this week as I ran around the mean streets of Dandenong pretending to be a detective type for a corporate video. You know the deal - jumping over boxes, bawling up crims against a wire fence and squealing the tires of my car as I followed in hot pursuit...all the while dressed as an electrical firm's salesman. I'd love to play a cop in a show - Geoff Paine has got a suburb piss-take script up his sleeve which I'm urging him to submit to the stations.

My AAMI ad is on the telly apparently - I haven't seen it yet but someone told me it came up ok.

Did an audition for a ninemsn ad which would have been sweet if I'd got it - seeing as they fired my sweet arse a couple of years ago after "Sidewalk" was downsized...

Sadly I had to pull out of the Eurobeat auditions after much weighing up of the pros and cons of committing to a National tour...just can't afford to do it at this point in my life. It would have been great fun though and I hope it goes over gangbusters for Andrew and Julia's sake.

Deakin University beckons again and I'm going back to teach Drama and Media again this year as well as teaching some specialised courses for Impro Melbourne. Speaking of IM - there's plenty brewing for the year ahead which looks interesting.

Hoping to score tickets to see the new Working Dog TV production "Thank God You're Here", headed up by Glen Robbins after he had performed at I.M's All Star Theatreports show last year - he has done the impossible and actually got an "improvised" show to the filming stage (sadly not using any IM improvisers though) . God I hope it works or it will be a long, long time before we see one again on our screens.

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