Thursday, July 26, 2007

Show and Business

The Impro Melbourne Cave season has been going from strength to strength - full houses, fantastic work and some hilarious moments which are now lost forever (curse the transitory nature of improvisation - why wasn't someone making a crappy tape of the night?). I debuted my two handed format idea - Double Stunt - (liberally borrowed from Maestro and Full Body Contact No Love Tennis) to much acclaim (for the improvisers - I was a bit stumblymouthed that night).

Coming up this weekend (Sunday July 29th) I'm hosting Gorilla at 7.30 and then performing in Uber-Improv which according to the blurb is: "Sausage. Schnapps. Lederhosen. All things German, but all things unlikely to be seen in Uber Improv. Be exhilarated. Be thrilled. Be efficiently entertained by the Cave's special international guests. Directed by Mark Gambino & Sean Fabri." Any clearer? Excellent.

July means good times in the corporate world and I have been getting lots of work in Melbourne and interstate. Yesterday I flew to Brisbane and caught up with Dan Beeston from the Impro Mafia crew and had a good chat about all things post Brisbane Festival where they suffered at the cold, cruel steely eyes of Shawn Kinley (oh c'mon I'm being tongue in cheek - the man is lovely). I had the pleasure of watching Shawn perform in the Mega-Maestro last week and then do an all too brief workshop with him on Monday night before he had to jet-set off to his next destination. He's ace.

I've also been asked to be the narrative judge at the Sydney Celebrity Theatresports show on the 4th August which is a great honour and I'm looking forward to catching up with Impro Australia stalwarts, Scrabblers and Blankers (sounds like a cast for The Warriors).

Oh and if you look at the Celebrity Theatresports design and think - "hey - lookin' good, very Bondish" - I thank ya.

In addition to the vice-like grip MySpace had on me I've also added Facebook to my list of "inconsequential things to fill in the time until I die"

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