Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unforeseen Stories

I'll do a post-fest wrap up at some stage but the world of improvised theatre waits for no man.

In case you haven't seen it Impro Melbourne is doing a season of 'Long Form' improvisation - essentially shows and formats that don't necessarily rely on games to entertain but focus on strong narrative, characters, plot and really, really well set up body-part gags...

It's already been going a week and the audiences and the feedback has been tremendous.

I'm performing on the last night (Sunday 13th, 7pm) in Harold. A format pioneered by the late, great Del Close.

Image designed by Karl McConnel who is taking over some of the design duties of IM- yay!

Also - a special offer for readers of this blog: TWO FOR ONE DEAL

That is two tickets for the price of ONE FULL PRICE TICKET, i.e 2 tickets for $20 for Thursday/ Friday/Saturday and 2 tickets for $15 on Sunday.

You just need to use the password "Friend of Jenny" when you buy tickets at the Box Office from Andrew.


Jerun (neighbour) said...

Hello Lliam,

Saw you peeking into my living room the other day (be it over your shoulder through my TV).
Thought I reckognised that guy charging a little chubby chappie for a ride to school :)

Nadine and I really like comedy and theatre, so shame we missed your gig 'Unforeseen Stories'. I'll make sure to check back regularly here.

Anyways, if you feel like it come on over for a drink, a coffee, some dinner sometimes. Bring your family.

Have a great day,
Yr neighbour on 35

PS Really like your illustrations. Very nice.

Lliam said...

Hi Jerun!
Thanks for the comments. Sorry we've been so invisible recently - the Comedy Festival kept me pretty busy and there's been loads on. I hope all is well with the little girl. I'll definitely let you know if there's any shows coming up. You have a good day too.
Your neighbour at 33.

jerun said...

No problemo Lliam - we're very busy too. Just how it is..

Little girl (and big girl) is doing great. 29 weeks today, not long to go now..