Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dash it all - I need to try harder...

A Cad

Your score of 67.46% puts you safely in the Cad region of our spectrum, good work. You can clearly hold your own and capably fly solo, no doubt having earned your wings with a saucy tussle here and nimble skirmish there, all washed done with a bottle of something restorative and expensive. Obviously, there is still room for improvement, but you are already contributing well to the sum of Caddish knowledge. Keep up the good work, send us your tales of Caddery and we look forward to bumping into you over a blonde and a martini. Tally ho.

Score Break Down
Character: 75.31% (Good Work)
Kit: 67.50% (Good Work)
Skills: 54.17% (Acceptable)

Courtesy of the The Modern Cad

(Thanks AB!)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I wanna see that score jump into the 70's Flash - I think you have it in you....