Monday, January 29, 2007


-edited for spurious reasons -

So far...

Q: Dream or Reality?

I am standing on a huge stage painted white, I am tired and groggy after doing nothing for 10 hours, I have a microphone in my hand standing next to me is Australian Idol Guy Mutto - next to him is Jazz legend James Morrison - we are singing the Easybeats classic "Friday on my Mind" - I am out of tune and pretending to be a bogan. In another 10 hours my image will be on a huge screen projected out to 1500 people - I am wearing an open Hawaiian shirt and a fake chest - I can't take my eyes off the erect rubber nipple that is jutting out at the bottom of the screen. I have a thin bead of sweat across my forehead as I am about to go live with no rehearsal.

A: Welcome to my life.

I have been using Illustrator to mock up some ideas for a new children's book. Slowly I am starting to acclimatise myself to it's quirks and intricacies. I am a big fan of the flat vector stuff...

A bonus:

I realised I don't draw many pictures of myself in a chipper mood. So like a weird reverse Dorian Grey here's me looking happy.


Kevin Yank said...

Three posts in a row with "happy" or "happiness" in the title... Things must be looking up! ;)

Could be worse; you could be bored ... right?

Lliam said...

True enough my fine Canadian friend...I'm gonna work "happy" into all of my blog titles (until I get bored with it....)