Monday, January 23, 2006

Keith Johnstone's TV viewing habits

Keith Johnstone came out to Australia a couple of years ago and taught a workshop for Impro Melbourne. A large and imposing man in life and legend, he was in a bad mood on this day and scared the crap out of all of us. Still, whenever he spoke, all the jumbled woo woo that we thought about improvisation started to become just a bit clearer (well, for some of us...)
The following are some out-of-context lines I scribbled down during the workshop and a couple of fairly unflattering drawings I made of him that day:

"Accept you can't win them all"
"There's nothing wrong with being negative - just do it in a positive way..."
(discussing TV) "...if I'm watching something that interests me, like a program about Black Holes or sodomy...."
"People love to climb trees"
"Look humble and courageous"
"Fail but don't punish yourself, fuck up and be happy and you will be a magical creature"
"Walk onstage and inspire your partner"
(My words) Brent just pretended to shoot Keith
"Ram the knife into your head, split the body and reveal a another head and a little happy, dancing dwarf" (This was a great exercise)

Luckily - we will all get the opportunity to shit ourselves all over again when he comes out later this year.

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