Friday, March 30, 2012

Laffs and Nappies

The Adelaide Fringe Festival rolled around earlier this Month and I couldn't help but think back to one year ago and how much has happened since then (Hello Baby!) But then, in a flash, Comedy Festival time is here again (both Melbourne & Sydney) and I've been busy pushing out a steady stream of posters and flyers for happy, nervous comedians and performers.  Here's a selection:

I'm performing in Late Night Impro Friday 30th March & Friday 6th April then I'll be popping up again in Celebrity Theatresports. There's so many great shows on around town - please go out and get stuck in.  


Simone Fuller said...

Hi Lliam, long lost cousin Simone here, Googling her ever talented hilarious relative. Am in Melbourne next week for some adult alone time. Would love to catch up.

Lliam said...

Simone! Great idea drop me an email with the dates - lliamamor AT optusnet DOT com DOT au