Monday, August 02, 2010

New Work!

So it's August already and I've been designing, acting and procrastinating my arse off.

Here's some commercial artwork I've been mocking up:

and some personal:

More over at my flickr account:



Kate said...

Hi there Liam,
I was directed here form the impromelb page - you being the site designer and all.
Just wondering whether you'd consider including a visitors' book/page for comments...?
Love your work - stage and web. You will always be remembered in our family as Man Of Many Tiles - it was the first time my son yelled something out at a show. Heheh. He was absolutely rapt.
Have a good week.

Lliam said...

Hi Kate
Thanks for the suggestion - we're in in the middle of putting together a new site - I'll pass it on to our tech guy :)
heh - man of many tiles... that's still a great suggestion.