Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Portrait Portent

"LAST year, Melbourne artist Rick Amor saw a young woman serving in his local organic food shop and decided he wanted to paint her portrait. "She struck me as an interesting-looking person, so I gave her my card and assured her I wasn't some old perv," Amor recalls."

Dad painted my portrait over a couple of months in '06
- it was the most time we had spent together alone talking, joking and laughing in some time. Unfortunately my relationship to my partner was unravelling at the same time - and it was during a sitting that I told Dad what was happening. I find it very hard to look at that picture now. I'm hoping it will have a "Dorian Gray" effect - the picture will get older, uglier, more bitter, twisted and gnarled with resentment while I remain happy, carefree, a louche layabout... but so far I've been framed, accidentally covered in varnish and hung on a wall in a ladder mishap... not sure it's working properly...

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