Thursday, December 13, 2007

The one about the Wizard's Finger, Indy 4 and being a Corp Jester

Re-post of the ad I did last year which has now rolled over - yay!

Long time between posts again - apologies.

First up - a recent trip to Sydney for a corporate job and a birthday visit bought me in contact with friends and improvisers from far and wide and I saw the IA Cranston Cup Grand Final which was a hoot. Wizard's Finger won the night in a spectacular show of physical and verbal dexterity (and some natty ties)... but all the teams showed off their prowess onstage - much laughter from the audience reminding me again what a great theatre the Enmore is when it's full of happy punters.

I've had a few auditions recently and I'm still waiting to hear back about an ad shooting next
week (would be nice to get) otherwise I'm plying my wares on the corporate circuit at the moment. From the Regent Ballroom to the MCG, to the Fed square, businessmen and women have enjoyed me after entree and before mains...

The Illustrator in me is feeling very rusty at the moment - I have done a few design projects for friends:

...but I haven't sat down with a pen in hand for what seems like years... time to just sketch methinks.

Ok so here's the fanboy in me sneaking out again. Looks great but boy - he's looking beat now isn't he?

Have been watching:
30 Rock
Green Wing
What's New Pussycat?
Rankin Bass specials

Listening to:
The Octopus Project
Sufjan Stevens
Mod Jazz
Christmas music (the kids insist...well, all right just one more cd)
Rodney Hunter
Pee Wee Herman
Special mixed CDs brewed in collusion...

I predict another entry before Christmas... but just in case... Merry Christmas everyone.


Anonymous said...

Ever drunk baileys out of a shoe?

Lliam said...

Hello Old Gregg
Make an assessment!

Anonymous said...


penfold said...

the little girl in the ad looks so unimpressed with you lliam.
sorry i missed you on your sydney jaunt, but i shall be hassling you for a whole month next year.
merry christmas!