Friday, June 22, 2007

Brisbane Improvisation Festival

In two hours time I will be winging my way to the moderately warmer climes of Brisvegas to participate in the first love in that will be the Brisbane Impro Festival. Along with members of The Crew from Melbourne there will be groups from Sydney, Brisbane, Wellington and straggly members from around the world. On Sat, Rob Lloyd (The Crew, Hound of the Baskervilles) and myself will be holding a (five hour) workshop entitled "How Physical Improv Can Make You Sexy (or Stop Walking Through My Closed Doors)" - oh yes it's all true folks...

The whole thing is a great idea and will be a wonderful chance to see performers from all over this wide brown land strut their stuff, speaking the international language of lurve -improvisation. Hats off to the organisers Merrilee, Wade, Jenny, Alex and everyone else for getting it together.

See you up there.


Girl Clumsy said...

Hey hey! I found your blog!

Anyway, it's Natalie, the chick who picked you up from the airport and dropped you off at your hotel (the one that was on fire).

Thanks so much for all you contributed to the festival - hope to see you back next year! It was great fun to play alongside you in Best of the Fest.

Thanks again, Natalie.

Lliam said...

Hi there Natalie
(It's taken me this long to get over the hangover)
Thanks again for the pick up and your wonderful hosting skills during the Theatresports comp. Good luck with the radios thang and hopefully I'll see you all again soon.