Monday, March 19, 2007

Saucy lady

Is it possible to fall into lust over one woman's throat? I got my hands on Amy Winehouse's 2003 album "Frank" two weeks ago and then had to go out and get her latest "Back to Black" straight away. I think I prefer the jazz stylings on the her first album more (oh god, it's on high rotation) but whose complaining? Back to Black is more of a homage to the 60's Girl groups but done her in own inimitable way - Rehab, Mr and Mrs Jones, Wake Up Alone and Addicted are all stand out tracks. Not only can she sing the pants off her contemporaries (and probably has) but her lyrics are excellent - wry, predatory and full of emotional resonance that bounce around in your head for days afterwards. There's plenty of nasty NW magazine drivel about her drinking, cussing and fighting which makes her all the more wonderful (I likes 'em feisty) - can't recommend her highly enough.

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