Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Corporate Work, Losers and the Tiv

Hey Ho
The weeks fly by and suddenly I remember I have a blog.
Deakin is gobbling up a fair whack of my time at the moment as I prepare lesson plans etc and scramble towards Burwood for the first year drama & third year directing courses. Wide range of students and skills, should be interesting to see how the first assignments turn out.

Julia & I went and saw Mark Jones, Adam Murphy and Karlis Zaid in "Beautiful Losers" at the resplendent (yet faded) Butterfly Club one hot, balmy Friday a couple of weeks ago. As we waited for audience to finish filing out after Fiona Thorn's homage to all things French “Fais-Moi Mal, Johnny” we chatted to her, John Thorn, Paul Kelly and Russell Fletcher who had just resurrected his Danny Kaye show for a benefit gig (he's doing it again – go and see it – an amazing show). The room was cleared (apart from the stifling heat) and we all squeezed in. The trio blustered in quoting Shakespeare and we were off on a horror show of male depravity, succinct profanity and lilting harmonies. What a freaking great show it is. I hope they don’t get swallowed up in all the mire during the Comedy Festival.

I have been donning the suit for a few roleplay gigs (sorry David and Jo – “interactive scenarios” © 2006 Laughing Matters) and while I enjoy the work I always feel like sham when I’m trussed up, tie and all. I had to walk back through the city and all the time I was waiting for some one to stop me, point an accusing finger and shout “Ah HA!

Stopped by Minotaur and the Basement Second hand Book store where I spent few good hours riffling through wonderful old programs like these:

More here

Apparently the Mitre 10 ad is up and running as coffee shop acquaintances have said “Weren’t you on the telly last night etc”….yep. But because commercial television is so mind numbingly lousy at the moment (how many crime shows do we actually need?) I probably won’t see it for ages.

Go out and see some live action folks – it’ll do you a power of good.


Anna said...

Hey Lliam,

Great to hear you’re back at Deakin this year. Your classes have been sorely missed!

I went to see Russell Fletcher’s Tribute to Danny Kaye at the Fringe Fest last year, I loved it to bits! I’m always keeping my eyes out for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty but it doesn’t seem to be available. Knock on Wood is another of my Danny Kaye favourites!!

I’ve volunteered to be a part of the Red Cabbage Hedge-mony maze which is happening this Sunday – very exciting! A nice way to experience alternative space theatre, (one of the drama units this semester).

I hope to bump into you around Deakin sometime. I’d love to hear more about your trip, sounds like a fantastic adventure! Until then I’ll be watching out for you on the telly!

See ya,

Anna (Ruby, the brolga)

Kat said...

Hey Liam this is Kat, remember me? I have stuff to do with first impressions and me and matty try to catch your shows.
where buying tickets for the celebrity theatre sports night, sounds exciting.

nice blog.
- Kat

Lliam said...

Hi Anna - Hi Kat
Thanks for dropping by and plese excuse my late replies....

Anna - I hope the Hedge-mony maze thingy went well. I had a couple of students in it as well and they said it was great. See you round the campus.

Kat - How're ya going? Great to see you and Matt still going strong. Celeb TS should be a good night, I'm going in as back up (two recent ads and a roll as a stalker doesn't count as Celeb just yet) also check out the Late Nite Impro sessions - we're trying out a new format.